Social Media Influencer, Ustadz Javier Visits Philippine Hajj Office over Hajj Operations






    After the social media news regarding the Hajj 2021 Operations involving Ustadz Ahmad Javier wildly circulated nationwide, a meeting was arranged between him and NCMF-Bureau of External Relations Director Jun Alonto Datu-Ramos.



    Ustadz Javier was accompanied by NCMF-NCR Chief Nena Balindong to the Central Office. He then proceeded to explain his side, and his involvement with HUMP.



    According to Ustadz Javier, he was contacted by the organization because of his status as a social media influencer in the Philippines.



    HUMP has a contact in Saudi Arabia who processes VIP Hajj visas for Southeast Asia, and assured Ustadz Javier that all documents are in place.



    However, Ustadz Javier knows that NCMF involvement is required when it comes to hajj concerns for Philippine pilgrims. Director Datu-Ramos proceeded to explain the history of umrah privatization in the country.



    RA 9997 mandates the NCMF to oversee Hajj operations in the Philippines. No other organization or government agency is allowed to process hajj-related concerns for intending pilgrims in the Philippines.



    He is currently meeting with Secretary Saidamen B. Pangarungan at the Office of the Secretary to further explain the background of the advertisement.



    We all hope that this issue will be resolved at the soonest possible time. In Shaa Allah. Allah swt bless us all.


    Source: National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, Bureau of External Relations




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