Deported Air Peace passengers didn’t fulfill entry requirements, Saudi Arabia clarifies


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has clarified why the 177 Air peace passengers were denied entry and subsequently deported back to their take off points.

In a statement today, The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Nigeria said the deported passengers didn’t adhere to the entry requirements and they were therefore denied entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The statement said” The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia would like to make a clarifications about Media Reports concerning the deportation of Nigerian citizens at the points of entry into the Kingdom.

The passengers whom were denied entry didn’t fulfill the entry conditions and requirements in accordance with the applicable rules.

The Saudi embassy said the passengers submitted incorrect informations to obtain a category of visa that doesn’t apply to them, which was discovered upon their arrival.

The Kingdom further advise those traveling to the kingdom to follow the procedures and laws enacted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all visitors and advised passengers to review their documents to ensure conformity before departure.