Hajj is service to Allah, shouldn’t be politicized — Ex-Kano pilgrims board ES


The immediate Executive Secretary of Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Board, Alhaji Abba Mohammed Danbatta has cautioned that Hajj is a service to Allah, as such it should be devoid of any politics.

Danbatta stated this on Monday while answering questions from journalists in Kano immediately after featuring as a guest in the ‘Barka da Hantsi ‘ programme on Freedom Radio.

He said any attempt to politicize Hajj affairs is a big mistake and would have adverse effects on the state and the nation as a whole.

He advised the Hajj administrators to consider that it is a service to Allah, noting that this is the only way to achieve good results.

He also advised his successor, the serving Director General of the pilgrim’s board, Alhaji Laminu Rabi’u Danbappa to engage in massive enlightenment to call on the intending pilgrims to pay their Hajj fares before the NAHCON’s deadline.

He said the enlightenment would goad the intending pilgrims to rush to pay their deposit before the deadline, noting that “it would also save time and make the board have good and effective preparations for the Hajj.”

He said as the closing time for the payment of Hajj Fares is approaching there is a need for intending Pilgrims to be aware of the new changes and development in the process of payment of Hajj Seat.

” It remains only forty days left, for the closure of the payment of Hajj fare.

“I think in Kano those who have paid are not many, so I think adequate enlightenment would help immensely,” he advised.

He said the board has during his tenure achieved huge success and won many accolades that had made Kano stand out in Hajj performance among its peers in Nigeria and Africa.