Hajj 2024: Saudi Arabia approved 180 Hajj Tour Operators from Pakistan, allocates equal numbers of pilgrims


One hundred and eighty groups, each comprising 500 pilgrims, to embark on Hajj through private tours.

Saudi Arabia has approved Pakistan’s appeal to grant all private Hajj tour operators an equal quota for the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage, anticipated to occur between June 26 and July 1, 2024.

This year, Saudi Arabia has restored Pakistan’s pre-coronavirus Hajj quota of 179,210 pilgrims and lifted the previous age limit of 65 years for pilgrimage.
About 90,000 Pakistani pilgrims are expected to partake in Hajj under the government scheme, while an equal number will engage private tour operators for performing the religious duty.
Previously, the Saudi government had reduced the number of Pakistani private Hajj tour operators from 905 to 46, much to the dismay of those involved in the industry.

Following discussions at the governmental level, Pakistan appealed to the Saudi government to allocate a dedicated quota to all 904 operators, ensuring protection for numerous individuals associated with the industry. Saudi Arabian authorities agreed to this proposal, a move applauded by private tour group operators.

Under the new scheme for private Hajj operators, there will be a total of 180 groups of pilgrims, each comprising 500 people. Every private Hajj operator will now be permitted to facilitate 100 pilgrims, resulting in each group being comprised of pilgrims utilizing services from five different operators.

Caretaker Minister for Religious Affairs Aneeq Ahmed, on November 16, unveiled Pakistan’s Hajj Policy 2024, announcing a reduction of Rs100,000 in the cost of the Hajj package under the government’s scheme for this year.
Hajj is an annual pilgrimage obligatory for every Muslim adult physically and financially capable of undertaking it. It remains one of the largest religious gatherings globally, where Muslims converge to offer prayers and perform rituals in the holy city of Makkah.

Source: tribune