Pakistan Civil Aviation to install advanced luggage-checking machines at airports ahead of Hajj 2024


In preparation for the upcoming Hajj operations in 2024, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Pakistan is set to install the latest luggage-checking machines at airports. The move aims to enhance security measures and ensure thorough checks of passengers traveling to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage. State-of-the-art machines will be imported from Saudi Arabia to scan the luggage of individuals heading to the Kingdom.
Key Points:
1. Preparation for Hajj 2024:
o The CAA has initiated preparations for the Hajj 2024 operations, focusing on enhancing security measures for passengers traveling to Saudi Arabia.
2. Thorough Luggage Checks:
o The latest luggage-checking machines will be installed to ensure comprehensive and thorough checks of passengers’ belongings.
3. Machine Import from Saudi Arabia:
o State-of-the-art machines will be imported from Saudi Arabia to be used at Pakistani airports for scanning the luggage of individuals embarking on the Hajj pilgrimage.
4. Deployment Timeline:
o The new machines are expected to be handed over to the Air Security Force (ASF) in February 2024, aligning with the preparations for the upcoming Hajj operations.
5. Replacement of Older Machines:
o The sources indicate that the older baggage machines at airports will be gradually replaced by the advanced luggage-checking machines.
6. Challenges in Drug Detection:
o In a related context, the Director General of Civil Aviation previously disclosed that even the latest machines installed at Pakistani airports cannot detect certain drugs, such as ice (Crystal methamphetamine).
As part of its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of passengers, especially during significant events like Hajj, the CAA is proactively upgrading its technology by incorporating advanced luggage-checking machines. The move is aimed at maintaining a high level of security and meeting the specific requirements of Hajj operations.
Source: Timesofkarachi