BREAKING: Registration for Hajj 2025 Begin February 5th in Morocco


The registration process will continue until February 15.

Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs has announced that the online registration process for citizens wishing to perform Hajj pilgrimage in 2025 will begin on Monday, February 5.

The ministry said in a statement that the Royal Hajj Committee will open the electronic registration for citizens aged 18 and above from February 5 -15.

The electronic registration will concern citizens who have not performed the Hajj rituals in the past 10 years.

“Senior citizens must register with a family member not exceeding the age of 50, who has the physical ability to accompany the elderly throughout the Hajj stages and assist them in performing the rituals,” the statement added.

The electronic process will take place on the ministry’s website, taking into account two lists.

The first list covers those wishing to perform the Hajj rituals under the supervision of the ministry.

Meanwhile, the second list is for potential pilgrims wishing to perform Hajj rituals under the supervision of tourist travel agencies.

The announcement came as thousands of Moroccans are gearing up to take part in the 2024 Hajj season, which will take place in June.

Earlier this month, the Moroccan Tourism Ministry announced the release of the accredited travel agencies authorized to market Hajj pilgrimage travel plans.

Pilgrims selected through an annual lottery to perform the Hajj pilgrimage this season will pay MAD 66,865, or $6,729, the Islamic Affairs Ministry announced.

The cost does not include pocket money pilgrims should carry with them during their Hajj journey.

All citizens selected through the lottery have to pay the Hajj fees in a single payment at the Al Barid Bank agencies from January 22-31.
This season will see an increase in Hajj fees estimated at MAD 3,200 or, $312.
Source: Morroco world newws