2024 Hajj Fare: Firdausi Transport Service CEO commend NAHCON Chairman, Promise quality services


The Chief Executive Officer of Firdausi Transport Service Alh Abdullahi Aliyu Jega has expressed his support to the NAHCON Chairman, especially on the matter of rendering quality service to the Guest of Al Rahma during the 2024 hajj

Speaking to HAJJ REPORTERS, the Chairman of the Kano-based NAHCON licensed Hajj and Umrah private Tour Company said this year’s hajj fare as announced by NAHCON deserves commendation.

Alh Aliyu Jega said he is particularly impressed with how the Chairman was able to navigate the challenges of extremely high dollars to naira rates and peg the hajj fare within N4.9 million.

“Truly, I was not expecting hajj fare that fall below N6 million this year because I calculated all the services involved along with the current official exchange rates and the figure goes above N6 million. I commend the Chairman and his team and he deserves the support of hajj stakeholders.

We at the Firdausi Transport services are working to toe the line of NAHCON Chairman and possibly come up with a Hajj package that is within the range of N5 million as a sign of support. We know it is challenging but soon we will announce a Hajj package within the range of N5 million with an assurance of quality services, He said.