Finally, Hajj registration ends in Bangladesh, 44,043 quotas remain vacant


Hajj registration ends, 44,043 quotas remain unfulfilled

The Hajj registration deadline ended at 11pm on Tuesday (February 6) keeping more than 44,000 quotas unfulfilled. Bangladesh now returns these quotas to Saudi Arabia.

According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, a total of 44,043 quotas remained vacant.

Due to very poor response, the ministry has extended the registration deadline for the fourth time which ended on Tuesday.

According to the agreement between Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, a total of 127,000 Bangladeshis got the opportunity to perform hajj this year. Of those, 4,260 hajj aspirants have completed their hajj registration under the government management, while 78,895 under private management.

Total 83,155 hajj aspirants have completed registration till Tuesday night.

The hajj registration started on November 15.

Source: daily star